Make a solid connection with
All-American Hose couplings

At All-American Hose, we ensure that the world’s best hoses also have the best coupling options. From extruded hard-coated aluminum to the ultra-light forestry connectors, we offer premium-quality couplings in the configurations you need to connect your hose with complete confidence.

3-Lug Aluminum Rocker Lug Coupling

3-Lug Aluminum Rocker Lug Coupling

Standard style coupling supplied with municipal and industrial hose. Twice as strong as brass and only one-third the weight. Hard-coated for extra wear resistance and helps prevent damage to swivel and threads. Three lugs on both male and female swivel. Expansion ring type.

Liberator EXIT Couplings

increase your safety with Liberator EXIT Couplings

The Liberator EXIT Coupling offers very durable directional indicators which are available in the NFPA colors.  Aluminum rocker lug hard coated aluminum increases resistance to damage.

Storz LDH Coupling

Style S Storz LDH Coupling

Lightweight cast aluminum, hard-coated to prevent corrosion and abrasion. Self-locking, 3-part clamp design ensures better coupling retention and reduces hang-up when laying hose in the field.

Soft Suction LDH Coupling

Option Style NFL/NMR Soft Suction LDH Coupling

Suction hose couplings are extruded 6061-T6 lightweight, hard-coated, high-strength aluminum alloy. Long handles are finger-gripped and canted for clearance. Available in Female Long-Handle (NFL), Female Rocker-Lug (NFR), Male Rocker-Lug (NMR) and Male configurations. Expansion ring type.

Two Lug Aluminum Forestry Coupling

Two-Lug Aluminum Forestry Hose Coupling

Standard threaded forestry hose coupling that meets USFS Specification No. 5100-108. Only hard-coated extruded 6061-T6 lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy couplings are used. Two-lug design. Expansion ring type.

QT Quarter Turn Forestry Hose Coupling

Option Style QT Quarter Turn Forestry Hose Coupling

Lightweight, high-strength aluminum quick-attach coupling for use with forestry hose. External lugs for fast action, no threads to damage and hard-coated for long service life. 1½" connecting face for both 1" and 1½" forestry hose. Expansion ring type.

Brass Rocker (BR) and Brass Pin (BP) Lug Couplings

Option Style Type Brass Rocker (BR) or Brass Pin (BP) Lug Coupling

Basic two-lug coupling that won’t snag and rolls easily while in use. Cast brass designed for heavy-duty industrial firehose applications where corrosion is a concern. Brushed brass finish. Expansion ring type.