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187 Forestry Hose - 8F

National 8F Fire Hose Type187 is a lightweight, all-synthetic fire hose with a polyurethane lining inside a polyester jacket designed to meet the USDA Forest Service specification 5100-187 for “Synthetic Lined” fire hose.

The optional Dura-CoteTM treatment greatly increases abrasion, heat, and flame resistance while virtually eliminating water pick-up. If used, 8F generally meets the new “Type ll” draft specification and is protected from mildew and no drying is required. This hose is available in 50’ or 100’ lengths, includes aluminum rocker lug or ¼ turn forestry couplings, and meets or exceeds the low weight requirements of the specifications.

8D Hose
Designed primarily to meet
the USDA Forest Service specification 5100-187
8D Cutaway
187 Forestry Hose - 8F: asd Municipal Hose
Polyester Single Jacket Forestry Hose

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Hose Sizing and Specifications


Hose Colors

Hose Details


Polyester Single Jacket
Polyurethane Inner Liner

Optional Dura-Cote™ (w/color)

Temperature Range:
-40° to150°F (-40° to 65°C)

Coupling Available:
Aluminum NH/NST, IPT Threaded or Quarter Turn

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