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Municipal Hose ings
Conquest Hose
Supreme Hose
N-Dura Hose
Triple-Duty Hose
Triple-Poly Hose
Dura-Pak Hose
8D Hose
8T Hose
TPX Hose
HFX Hose
ATX Hose
2F - Quick Draw
8F Hose

Industrial Hose
8D Hose
6D Hose
8M Hose
8T Hose
3P Hose
5P Hose
6P Hose

5M Hose
TPX Hose
HFX Hose
ATX Hose
LD Hose
TE Hose

Coupling Styles
3 Lug Aluminum Rocker Lug Coupling
Option Style Type BR, BP or BC Brass Rocker, Pin or
Combination Lug Coupling
Style S - Storz LDH Coupling
Option Style NFL/NMR Soft Suction LDH Coupling
2-Lug Aluminum Forestry Hose Coupling
Option Style QT Quarter Turn Forestry Hose Coupling

Friction Loss Charts
Conquest Hose as Compared to Typical Woven Hose, Typical Extruded Rubber Hose

Dura-Cote Hose Treatment

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