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Country of Origin: Manufactured vs Coupled

Per the requirements of NFPA 1961 Standard on Fire Hose Manufacturing each coupled and hydrostatically proof tested piece of fire hose shall be stenciled with:
1.     The Manufacturer's Identification
2.     The Country of Origin
3.     The month & year of Manufacture
4.     The words "Service Test" to (the designed service psi or bar) per NFPA 1962

What does the stencil and the country of origin mean?

Does it mean that a USA company would purchase un-coupled lengths of hose from any manufacturer in the world, couple the hose, maybe or maybe not hydrostatically test it (if so at what pressure Proof or Service Test Pressure?) then stencil the Hose to the NFPA 1961 requirements above listing the country of origin as USA.

Clearly the author's of the 2007 edition of NFPA 1961 Standard which guides manufacturer's ( those companies that weave the hose reinforcement jackets, extrude liners & covers, and process these components to make the lay flat hose) had the intent of adding the Country of Origin to the stencil to allow fire departments to know where the "hose" was manufactured, not where it was coupled.

Our evidence of this intent is the very last sentence of Page 1 of the 2007 Edition of standard titled "The Origin and Development of NFPA 1961" :

"This edition (2007) also requires all new fire hose to be marked with the country of origin so that purchasers are informed where the product is manufactured."

So ask yourself this question where is your hose really made? Better yet ask your dealer and then call the manufacturer and ask…"do you actually manufacture your model of hose?"

All-American Hose is the only hose manufacturer in the world that "Manufactures" all of its hose models in the United States of America.

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