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Hydro Proof Test
Certificate of Hydro Proof Test: NFPA Pressure Rating Definitions

Every coupled length of hose manufactured and shipped from All-American Hose is given a Factory Proof Test per the requirements of NFPA 1961 Standard On Fire Hose Manufacturing. A Certificate of the Proof Test is included in each shipping box and is also attached to each length of hose tested. This certificate verifies the date and time of the test and the unique hose ID barcode, as well as the proof pressure and validation that the hose has passed all testing requirements.

Service Test Pressure:
Annual hydrostatic test to be conducted by purchaser on all in-service (used) hose to determine suitability for continued use. The service test pressure is to be 10% greater than the "normal highest operating pressure" at which the hose is expected to be used. Unless otherwise instructed, this pressure is stenciled on all hose prior to shipment.

Proof/Acceptance Test Pressure:
A "one-time" test pressure is performed at the factory on every new hose prior to shipment. The proof test pressure shall not be less than 2 times the specified service test pressure.

Burst Pressure:
The minimum burst test pressure shall not be less than 3 times the specified service test pressure.

Operating/Working Pressure:
Maximum advised operating/working pressure that should not exceed 90% of the service test pressure (which is stenciled on the hose) or the maximum operating pressure of the attached coupling.

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